Ted Cooke for Washington State House of Representatives District 47, Position 2

Ted Cooke

I’m running to represent you in the State Legislature and I’d love to hear your ideas. I want to know what you think government is doing well and where it needs to do better. Please call or email me anytime.

I’m a senior software tester and life-long community volunteer who lives in Covington, Washington with my wife Jalene, our five children and our two dogs. I’m currently serving as an elected precinct organizer and in the past I’ve served as a Director for Timberlane Homeowners Association and as a Director for the Africa education non-profit Portable Academic Lapdesk (PAL).


Personal Cell: 206-779-8495
Email: Ted.Cooke@outlook.com

“Ted’s character exemplifies honest integrity and conviction to truth. He is driven with conviction to represent his constituents’ needs and interests.”
-Donald Tilly, Paccar ITD Audit Manager (Retired), U.S. Marine (Retired)


Paid for by: Friends of Ted Cooke
P.O. Box 9561
Covington, WA 98042

4 thoughts on “Ted Cooke for Washington State House of Representatives District 47, Position 2

  1. Ted, today, 5/24, about 12:15 PM, I saw part of an ad for Pat on HGTV (676). It was sponsored by Washington Realtors. The ad claimed he was good for homeowners. How raising property taxes for failing projects is good for homeowners is beyond me. This looks like an opportunity to call him out on his voting record!! He hasn’t begun advertising this early recently which tells me he’s worried. Charge!

  2. due your best to get rid of murry andinslee they are bad for our state their answer is raise the taxes to pay for there assinine programs which does not help those of us who have to pay , hope you the best

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