Ted Cooke for Washington State House of Representatives District 47, Position 2

Special note about the Coronavirus Disease-

Information on the Coronavirus Disease
CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 information page –

Help if you’ve lost your job or business –
Washington State Employment Security Coronavirus page

Help if you’re facing food shortage –
Kent Food Bank

Help for Senior Citizens –
Washington State DSHS “Agencies Which Help” page

Help for families with children –
Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families “Getting Help” page

Here is the message I believe our leaders should be giving us –
1.  We still don’t have a full handle on the scope of the Coronavirus disease, which means we still don’t really know the mortality rate
2.  In the coming weeks & months as testing comes on line, were going to identify first tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then millions of cases, very quickly.  This is to be expected.  When the 2009 H1N1 virus hit, it affected over 60 million U.S. citizens, and caused over 12,000 U.S. deaths.  So far Influenza A has killed 18,000 U.S. citizens since the start of the flu season, a tragically regular figure.
3.  We do need to socially distance because this is a previously unknown variant of Coronavirus disease, and people over 80 or with existing lung and heart conditions should self isolate for the time being.
4.  Right now most of the cases identified have been in hospitals, or very sick individuals.  This has led to very high estimates for the disease’s mortality rate.  As we discover additional cases of individuals who have had the virus with no or only mild symptoms  – Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, several of our leaders now – we’re going to see estimates of the disease’s mortality rate pushed lower and lower.
5.  People are hurting financially, mentally and – with many being effectively shut in and under stress – physically.  This is the most disruptive event to Western daily life since WWII.  We came together at that time and we’re coming together now.  I support tax relief, the President’s individual stimulus plan and the fast tracking of vaccination development.  We’re going to get through this together.

Ted Cooke


I’m running to represent you in the State Legislature and I’d like to hear your ideas. I want to know what you think government is doing well and where it needs to do better. Please call or email me anytime.

I’m a senior software tester and life-long community volunteer who lives in Covington, Washington with my wife Jalene, our five children and our two dogs. I’m currently serving as an elected precinct organizer and in the past I’ve served as a Director for Timberlane Homeowners Association and as a Director for the Africa education non-profit Portable Academic Lapdesk (PAL).


Personal Cell: 206-779-8495
Email: Ted.Cooke@outlook.com

“Ted’s character exemplifies honest integrity and conviction to truth. He is driven with conviction to represent his constituents’ needs and interests.”
-Donald Tilly, Paccar ITD Audit Manager (Retired), U.S. Marine (Retired)

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