Business Restrictions to last until two days after the November election?

Washington Applied Code (“WAC”) is the bureaucratic code for the State of Washington. This quote is from the State L&I website regarding Safety And Health Core Rules, bottom of the first page of the form:

Note: Emergency rule WAC 296-800-14035 – ‘2019 Novel coronavirus prohibited business activities and compliance with conditions for operations’ effective July 8, 2020 through November 5, 2020, is appended to the end of this book.

In other words the State Emergency Coronavirus restrictions on businesses are set to last between now and precisely 48 hours after the November General Election. This means the date has not been set with regard to science or numbers, rather the date has been set politically.

Much of our State response to the virus has been political. My opponent, the Democrat House Majority leader for these past ten years, is refusing hold a special session of the State legislature to address the Coronavirus emergency before the election. And even though we have recently been projected to have a State budget shortfall of 9 Billion over the next three years he is refusing to call for a special session to address the budget.

I think our dates for business restrictions should be based on numbers and science. I think we should hold a special session of the State House immediately to address the State response to the virus and the projected budget shortfalls.

And I hope you will join me in helping my opponent retire as originally planned.