Ted and his wife Jalene live in Covington, Washington with their five children and two dogs. Ted was born in Renton, Washington. His father was a Seattle Fire Captain and his mother served for almost two decades as the FAA’s FOIA officer for the Northwest. Ted was raised in Renton and Maple Valley, and has lived in the greater Maple Valley and Covington areas for most of his adult life. He is both a Bible College graduate and holds MSCE and several related technology certificates.  Ted works as a Senior Software Tester and Lab Manager working on the Microsoft campus.

Ted has a long record of community service stretching back for his entire adult life, including: Elected PCO 2009 to present, COV 3244, COV 1127; previous director Timberlane Homeowners Association, Covington; past director for Portable Academic Lapdesk (African education non-profit), Generational Hope Church Adult Education Teacher;  Earth Day volunteer; multiple short-term projects: school construction in Waspam, Nicaragua, college instruction in Suva, Fiji, cleanup on the Colville Indian Reservation; volunteer for multiple local charities: Vine Maple Place Women’s Shelter, Union Gospel Mission, Maple Valley Food Bank.  Ted is also a past WSU disk jockey and Women’s Intramural Football Coach.

In his capacity as a senior tester Ted has had to constantly and quickly learn new ad-hoc systems and processes, master them, analyze them and streamline them. At the same time he’s been responsible for lab space and minimizing costs while maximizing lab output. In 2010 Ted was part of a group of concerned citizens who overturned the entire leadership of their HOA, an almost unheard of occurrence. Throughout the process Ted was the “go to” team member for information on the HOA’s by-laws, State corporate and HOA related RCWs and Robert’s Rules of Order, all of which Ted familiarized himself with in just a few months.

Champ and Daisy

Ted believes in efficient government which means limiting taxation through fiscal accountability. He believes tax levies should never be used as a device to strong-arm homeowners into paying for what should be the basic duties of government.  He opposes a state income tax, supports requiring a two-thirds majority in the legislature to raise taxes, and wants to see policies that leave a fair playing field and don’t unduly benefit state government special interests on the one side nor big business special interests on the other.  Ted wants to see people free to follow their conscience while protecting individual life, and doesn’t want the state legislature to compel the positions of the Left around issues like guns and light bulbs, nor the positions of the Right around issues like mandatory drug testing and Patriot act, etc.

“As a devoted husband, father of five, senior software tester and 30+ year community volunteer I’ve known the poverty of starting out in life and the prosperity of working hard to see dreams come true. I want to put lessons learned to work for you.”

Ted teaching at Rainbow Evangelical Church College in Suva Fiji in 1999