My Legislative Priorities.

“Ted’s character exemplifies honest integrity and conviction to truth. He is driven with conviction to represent his constituents’ needs and interests.”
-Donald Tilly, Paccar ITD Audit Manager (Retired), U.S. Marine (Retired)

Ted’s platform can be summarized as sober shelters, law and order, congestion relief and lowering taxes.

Budget and Taxes
Ted believes we don’t need any further property taxes or state income tax. Instead of forcing levies for essential services, Ted thinks we should fully fund education, fire & safety, existing infrastructure and a basic safety net first, and then fund other programs.

Ted believes in the principle of e pluribus unum – out of many comes one; that all Washingtonians should be considered Americans, not “hyphenated” Americans, and should be treated equally according to impartial state laws & protections for their individual life, liberty and property; believes that state welfare should be rare, go to the truly needy and be designed so as to discourage long term welfare; believes in preserving and strengthening Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for our honored senior citizens, including managing these from a state perspective as true insurances not raidable funds & allowing the option of greater rate of return through market investment; and believes in a work requirement for able-bodied adult recipients of state welfare.

Ted supports the State of Washington’s strong history of working with the U.S. military and Department of Defense, including serving as a location for several key bases and weapons systems; supports state based missile defense and our state being part of modernizing U.S. strategic deterrent capabilities.

Ted believes the private sector is the ultimate driver of the economy in producing real goods and services; supports limiting state spending to a percentage of state GDP; supports adopting policies which would return manufacturing and other full time living wage jobs to the 47th District.

Ted believes we should fully fund education first using state dollars rather than relying on levies; supports education choices that help parents and families including vouchers and charter schools, and allowing state funds to go to private schools.

Ted supports having the state encourage production of new hydroelectric and other conventional energy sources (today many Democrat political platforms explicitly oppose this), and we can develop these sources in a cleaner, more responsible way than ever before.

Ted opposes penalizing citizens of the 47th District and State of Washington with global warming based policies that leave us less competitive than the rest of the nation; supports state protection of critical and endangered species and habitats while believing that environmental policy should not be overly restrictive of private property rights nor confiscatory in terms of rendering property undevelopable.  Ted opposes using state environmental regulations as a vehicle for community planning or social engineering.

Ted opposes state government paying for or forcing others to pay for taking human life in the womb; opposes state involvement with the Affordable Care Act; supports cross-state health insurance competition; believes in decoupling health insurance from employment; wants to strengthen and preserve federal Medicaid at a state level by incentivizing migration of average citizens away from Medicaid (where many were forced by the ACA) and back towards affordable, flexible private insurance; believes in fully funding government institutions for the mentally ill.

Ted supports adopting policies that will result in a greater supply of housing in our state, such as loosening zoning restrictions, making sure environmental regulations are balanced with the needs of property owners and streamlining & improving our permitting system.

Ted supports upholding existing U.S. immigration law in the state of Washington; supports encouraging English as a common language in the state; supports and values legal immigration to our state from all over the world.

Ted supports simplifying state business regulations and adjusting state business taxes to encourage business growth and risk taking; opposes minimum wage laws which he believes keep many people from entering the job market and climbing the career ladder.

Ted opposes arbitrary state government wage floors (“minimum wage”) believing that the true minimum wage is unemployment ($0 per hour) and that arbitrarily setting a wage floor prices many potential employees out of work, violates rights of contract and discourages career development in our most vulnerable communities; believes each person’s labor ultimately belongs entirely to themselves, and that state government should never limit anyone’s right to work in any private or public sector; supports the needed role of unions in protecting workers rights and helping workers while believing that union membership should never be compulsory.

The Legislature
Ted supports changing the legislative process in the state house and senate to require a two-thirds majority to raise taxes.

Public Safety
Ted believes in state support for our brave police, firefighters and first responders; believes attempts at divining the thoughts of a police officer should never be used in trying to judge or assess their behavior; believes we should do what can be done at the state level to help fully fund fire and safety first instead of making local jurisdictions rely on property levies.

Second Amendment
Ted fully supports the right to bear arms as clearly stated in the operative clause of the Second Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” At the state level the Washington Constitution says in it’s Article 1, Section 2 that, “The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.”

Ted believes the state should leave the internet free and opposes state imposition of any so called fairness or neutrality restrictions on political content.

Ted believes we can reduce the transportation budget by a meaningful percentage by focusing on building new roads and congestion relief over construction of boutique light rail (many Democrat political platforms now explicitly oppose construction of new roads and highways), supports putting Sound Transit 3 on hold, supports removing the 405 and 167 hot lanes; supports lowering the current 49 cents per gallon state gas tax.