My Legislative Priorities.

“Ted’s character exemplifies honest integrity and conviction to truth. He is driven with conviction to represent his constituents’ needs and interests.”
-Donald Tilly, Paccar ITD Audit Manager (Retired), U.S. Marine (Retired)

My platform can be summarized as less taxes, more roads, protecting individual rights and healing homelessness.

Lowering Taxes and Reducing Red Tape
My opponent has been House Majority leader for ten years during
which our tax burden has almost doubled, I want to reverse that
trend starting with repealing the 25 Billion in “last minute” taxes
from the 2019 session.

I support putting Sound Transit 3 on hold for now and using a
majority of our transportation dollars towards general use roads &
congestion relief.

Protecting Individual Rights
I support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream of equal treatment
under law. To protect lives and property I support a “No broken
windows” policy towards crime.

Healing Homelessness
I support mandating cost effective shelters which are sober,
sanitary, have police presence and offer counseling. I support
fixing and expanding state mental health services. I also support
easing the Growth Management Act to encourage building while
streamlining permitting & inspection.

I support a teacher’s right to work and competition based
solutions for parents like charter schools & vouchers.

Second Amendment
I believe the Second Amendment is about self defense, and I believe it is cruel and unusual to prevent an individual from being able to defend themselves. Therefore I support the right of private citizens to own and bear arms.

Human Life
I believe every individual’s life should be protected throughout their entire natural life cycle.