Nickel And Dime Campaign Drive

Many of you have known me for years. You know where I stand on issues like taxes, reducing regulation and congestion relief. I’m asking every one of you (and I mean everyone) to please go to my campaign website donation page right now and give ten dollars or five dollars.

I wish we didn’t have to pay a little extra for good government and we do. We can make a difference in Olympia, you just need to give a little now, and I will give two years of my life in service, spending several months in Olympia each year, representing your values and working hard on your behalf.

You could give ten dollars – it’s just the price of two lattes. Or, you could give five dollars and buy yourself a latte! Then you’ll have the satisfaction of having given towards a worthy cause and you’ll have a latte!

Please take a moment to show your support and donate now.